Commissioning Information

  • Who and what is to be in the portrait? Would you like to commission a single portrait, several portraits or several people all on one canvas? This could be a family portrait, it could include pets,  your house, your garden or meaningful objects or it could be a simple portrait of one person.

  • How big you would like it to be?

  • Which medium you would prefer; oil,, pencil, watercolour or mixed media and would you like it on canvas, paper etc.

  • When does the work need to be finished? If there is a special date such as an anniversary, birthday or retirement, this should be taken into consideration.

  • The approximate budget.

  • I tend to focus on the drawing aspect, not the mounting and framing. However, if you would like me to arrange the framing of the portrait, this will need to be discussed beforehand so that the cost can be taken into account, along with the budget for the portrait.

Questions for Consideration

Providing a Photograph

  • Natural light is best – artificial light can often produce a grainy image, so aim to take the photograph in daylight if possible.

  • Taking photos outside is ideal, but avoid extremely bright sunlight which will produce strong shadows.

  • The photograph should focus on the subject (s). Aim to zoom in where possible, so that the maximum amount of detail is on show.
  • I am not able to work from an original/printed photographs, so please provide a digital copy.

  • It is possible to adapt the photograph by changing the background, clothing, etc. However, this may require further photo references to back this up. Please ask for further details.

I will require a digital reference photo(s) to work from in order to create your portrait. Here are a few points to consider:

Cost of Commissioning a Portrait (£)